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Expecting To Fly 2-pack (LAST CHANCE!)


2x28pp, full colour

I have about 20 of these left. Customers outside the UK can also get them from Topatoco (shipping from the USA).

Expecting To Fly is a coming of age tale about Ryan Beckwith, Shelley Winters and Tim Jones, set in the summer of 1996. Shelley is dealing with a terrible loss, Ryan is dangerously close to coming off the rails, and Tim is blithely sailing towards university. Nothing is quite going to plan.

Presented in the classic US comic book format, with looks into the wider Scary Go Round Universe of the mid-nineties, this might be the individual work that I'm proudest of. Sold as a 2-book set, but issue 2 is available separately in case you bought issue 1 at a retailer or a convention (select it from the dropdown). Shipping costs the same for the set or a single book.

PERSONALISED OPTIONS AVAILABLE - please specify one character per book in the instructions box at checkout. If you miss that, just drop me a line using the contact link on the right of the screen!